Cycling is a drag act

“Yellow and white areas on the cyclist and bike show regions that have the highest drag. The cyclist himself accounts for 72 per cent of the drag force, with his legs generating most of that. The frame and forks account for 5.7 per cent, and the gearing 5.2 per cent. Water bottles are lumpy and generate 4.5 per cent of the drag. External cabling makes up 3.8 per cent, which makes a strong argument for tucking it inside the frame. As for the ribbons streaming behind, the white lines indicate high-velocity airflow and the pink-blue lines indicate slow-moving regions.”

Cycling is a drag act in virtual wind tunnel


“No one is entitled to nonconsensual ‘free’ labor from artists, or anyone else for that matter. This should not be a controversial proclamation in 2014. The fact that it is greeted with self-righteous indignation from Silicon Valley’s true believers indicates a retrograde, sociopathic mindset that masks itself in self-serving rhetoric of “innovation” and “disruption”. Punching someone in the face and breaking their nose is also “disruptive” and “innovative,” but probably not something we want to incentivise and scale.”

“Fifteen years of utter bollocks”: how a generation’s freeloading has starved creativity