Police State

“In February of this year, Congress passed the FAA Reauthorization Act, with its provision to deploy fleets of drones domestically.

An unclassified US air force document reported by CBS (pdf) news expands on this unprecedented and unconstitutional step.

The air force document explains that the air force will be overseeing the deployment of its own military surveillance drones within the borders of the US; that it may keep video and other data it collects with these drones for 90 days without a warrant – and will then, retroactively, determine if the material can be retained – which does away for good with the fourth amendment in these cases.

In other words, the Pentagon can now send a domestic drone to hover outside your apartment window, collecting footage of you and your family, if the secretary of Defense approves it.

What can we do if we want to oppose this? According to Stanley, many states are passing legislation banning domestic drone use. Once again, in the fight to keep America a republic, grassroots activism is pitched in an unequal contest against a militarized federal government.”

The coming drone attack on America – Guardian

I tend to zone out when I hear ‘unconstitutional’ – I think it is overused, and most do not know what the constitution says, but drones are going to be far more prolific and part of the skies above whether we like it or not. The first thought that comes to mind is if you’ve got nothing to hide, then who cares, safer right? As the movies and TV now show, surveillance is good for us because it helps the good-looking FBI agent track down the killer. So lead the lifestyle that the government would like you to have. That’s ok right? Government has shown repeatedly its ability to make great choices. And as the article mentions, imagine how nice and comfortable you will feel when the domestic drones are weaponised. For our own safety of course.

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