The cat did it

“Police in Japan have recovered a memory card from the collar of a cat found wandering on an island near Tokyo — the latest bizarre turn in their hunt for a hacker, one who has been taunting them with clues for several months.

In December 2012 the National Police Agency (NPA) — Japan’s central law enforcement body, comparable to the FBI in the United States — offered a bounty of ¥3m (£21,000) for a hacker who had been sending emails from computers around the country containing bomb threats against schools and kindergartens, including one attended by the grandchildren of Emperor Akihito.

It’s the first time that a bounty has been offered for cybercrime in Japan, and it reflects how frustrated the NPA has been in its investigation.

The NPA did arrest four people in 2012 and announce that it had “extracted confessions” from them, reports AFP, but as the messages and emails continued to appear the police were forced into admitting they’d made a rather humiliating mistake.

The memory card found strapped to the collar of the cat is said to contain information about the iesys.exe virus that only its creator would know. Dubbed the “Remote Control Virus” by the Japanese authorities, it’s allowed its creator to send out threats from computers located across the country, giving the police no clue as to where their hacker’s real location might be.”

Japanese hacker continues to taunt police with clue strapped to cat – Wired

The Japanese cat that holds the clues to an internet prankster – Guardian

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